Dr. George’s Dental White Teeth Whitening System Highlights…

…Now Available in the UK once again!

  • Guarantees visible results in just 30 minutes
  • Only FDA approved teeth whitening kits
  • Best “at home” teeth whitener since 1989!
  • Can be used for over 200 TIMES!
  • 2 years shelf life
  • Contains 4 times the gel when compared to the other products on the market
  • Has Blue Laser Light that speeds up whitening by 50%
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Yellowish Teeth? Don’t Worry – Dr. George’s Teeth Whiter Is Here To Help You

Get your teeth whitened Within Couple of Weeks!

Over time, almost everyone, you may have observed your teeth getting darker. Nothing to worry, this can be easily reversed at home within two weeks.

Yellowing of teeth occurs due to build up of organic pigments on the teeth.

Though the surface of your teeth appears very smooth, they have small pores which cannot be noticed by bare eyes.

Colourized proteins from coffee, tea and other foods darken the natural whiteness of your teeth by permeating the enamel and dentine of the teeth through those invisible pores.

The use of tobacco, antibiotics, and certain minerals usually speeds the darkening process.

Whatever it is, you can get back your white healthy teeth easily.

Get Your Teeth Whitened At Home Quickly with Dental White

Dr George, one of America’s leading dentists, has developed Dental White teeth bleaching gel for you.

It is the number one teeth whitening gel in the USA since 2000 and is being sold at many major stores in the US for over 20 years.

It was featured on Oprah Shows 6 times. Numerous magazines featured it as the best teeth whitening kit.

Dr George’s Dental White Kits are FDA Approved! Now you get them in the UK

Dental White kits are manufactured in America by M&M Innovations Inc. Smile4You is the official distributor of these kits in the UK.

Food & Drug Administration of America (FDA) have certified the Dental White gel and the manufacturing process 100% safe every 2 years for the last 16 years.

Dental White Gel Can Brighter Your Smile in Just 30 Minutes!

Dental White has 16% Carbamide Peroxide that enters your teeth pores and makes the coloured compounds in the teeth colourless.

Those yellow stains on your teeth fade away in just 30 minutes of daily use for 2 weeks.

Result – you get your white and bright beautiful smile and …. and….

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Worried about Taste and Flavour of Carbamide Peroxide?

Dental white gel has mint flavor which makes it very easy to bear those gel and mouth trays for 30 minutes a day.

Why Dental White Is the Best?

  • Gives you visible results in just 30 minutes
  • Make Your Teeth Up to 11 Shades Whiter in 2 weeks
  • Only FDA approved teeth whitening kits
  • Contain 4 times the gel when compared to the other products on the market
  • Can be used for over 200 TIMES!
  • Whitening gel has a Shelf Life of 2 Years
  • Provides easily moldable mouth trays
  • Special Blue Laser light to accelerate whitening
  • Very economical when compared to other products.

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